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* The story of the "Tradind Please" cards *

The "Trading Please" campaign started 10th Feburary 1998 and ended 31th July 1998.

The music CD of Pokemon in that campaing period contained an application
coupon in it. If the user of the CD sent the coupon to the Pokemon company
together with any two cards which the user had, the company sent back two
cards replacing the user's two cards, i.e. Trading. One card to be sent back
was the "Trading Please" card itself and the other card to be sent back was
one of the specified Holo card by the user selected among Charizard, Kamex (Blastoise)
and Bensaur (Venusaur). A few years later, a musical CD contained 10 Promo cards in it from that were very similar to those used in the "Trading Please" campaign.

This Trading Please campaign was an early Mailaway camapign
and the complete set is Very Rare.

1998 Trading Please Card Front and Holifoil Back
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Trading Please
Charizard Foil
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Trading Please
Venusaur Foil


Trading Please
Blastoise Foil
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1998 Trading Please Card Front and Holifoil Back E
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1998 Trading Please Card Set In Mint Condition
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*Family Promotion Cards*

The "Change Generation" cards are realtively new.
This set of card was distributed in the famous
"Kangaskhan Battle Road Tournament" in Tokyo
the 9th of March 2002.
As you know, Kangaskhan has a bag on her abdomen for her children similar to a kangaroo.

So, the Kangskhan Tournamet is for a child and a parent.
In the tournament, the team can use the "Change Generation" card to change the player from child to parent or vice versa.

* Sealed *
Change Generation Set