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Embossed Vs Meiji Foil Promo Cards
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Eifie Vs Mewtwo

Ordile Vs Bangiras

Ordile Vs Blastois

Bakphoon Vs Ordile

Sawamular Vs Airmd

Gangiras Vs Haganel
This set was only available for a short time in Japan - One card in a box of cookies -

Kamex Vs Haganeil

Heracros Vs

Lizardon Vs Lugia

Lizardon Vs Lugia

Hellgar Vs Pikachu

Hellgar Vs Pikachu
Hard to find a COMPLETE set in Mint condition - OUT OF PRINT
Meiji Vs

Complete Set
16 Cards
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Hassam Vs Entei

Hassam Vs Entei

Airmd Vs Bakphoon

Magmarshi Vs