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My name is Casey Reed. Thank you for your interest in the web site and collector grade cards offered here, and I hope I can help you use the Internet to successfully complete your orderss. PayPal will be building the shopping cart invoice when you click on Add to Cart.

Clicking on the Add to Cart button does not mean you have to pay online.

When you see the next page after clicking the Add to Cart button you can print that page and send it to me in the mail with a Postal Money Order or U.S. Bank Money Order. I need the invoice from PayPal that you see when you click Add to Cart

You can continue with the PayPal service, or print the PayPal shopping cart invoice and add $5.50 for Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation and send me a Money Order to the address below.

Casey Reed
1727 Dietz PL NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

OR..........................Use>> I accept payment through PayPal!, the 

#1 online payment service!

Click here to see all the cards you selected by clicking the Add to Cart button and then print your invoice to send me, or continue with a credit card to open an account with PayPal.

The best and quickest way to pay for the cards is to use your credit card or an e-check from your checking account with

will automatically send you and me a payment receipt showing that you have paid for the cards. This is a
payment method.

**The PayPal bank guarantees your money goes to who you pay and I am a Verified and Confirmed account holder too!

I ship immediately after checking for inventory and all the shipping details and costs are correct when paid from PayPal.

If you do not want to use PayPal you can mail an order invoice you can print from the shopping cart page
+ $5.50 for S/H and (insurance send me an email)
paid for with a Money Order or personal check
(7 days to clear)

If you do not want to use PayPal please send me an email with a list or a printed shopping cart invoice of the cards you want *with your payment if you send it via "snail mail."

More information about PayPal payment options:

Please use a Risk Free online bank to pay with a credit card or from your checking account such as:
This is risk free because the bank insures every transaction and guarantees that your money will go where you want it to and your personal satisfaction!

"Using the service is actually safer than a check or money order."
- Wall Street Journal

"The beauty is that you can send money -- real money, not one of those gimmicky Internet currencies -- to anyone with an e-mail address."
- New York Times

"PayPal can play a major role in your life. You can use it to pay for stuff at auction sites, settle dinner debts with friends or nudge your cousin to repay that $50 he borrowed at the family reunion." - Time

There is an easy and safe way to pay for your order with a credit card, and it does not involve me. I am not a bank and I do not want to take your credit card number because it would make this a banking business not a Pokemon card business.

If you do a lot of business or ordering on the internet you can open a separate checking account at your bank so you do not put your normal account on line and link it to PayPal. You can manage all your online purchases easily by controlling the funds in this "online" account.

After confirming the two small charges (a few cents) the bank uses to test your checking account link, you can use your checking account online to pay me and you can also send money safely to anyone with an email address using PayPal.

To use a Credit Card fill out the forms at the PayPal web site and establish your credit card with PayPal.

After establishing the account use of your credit card is immediate and easy! With some patience the PayPal service is great. You can safely send or receive money to or from anyone online with an account!

If all this does not convince you to use the banking service with your credit card, then please send me a money order or personal check for your cards. And thank you for your business!

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